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These handy popups by VisiBone will open a separate window to the left side of your screen for quick reference and will get out of your way and hide as soon as you click on another window screen, ready for when you need it next.

Use these popups online, or download the Desktop Popup zip file below to use them offline. Big thanks to VisiBone for this wonderful free service mirrored here (with permission) for your convenience. We wholeheartedly recommends VisiBone's exceptional tools, well known in the design community.

HTML Popup
The HTML Popup by VisiBone is a tall skinny on-screen quick reference showing all HTML tags and attributes in use or universal.


color-coded indications of support by Netscape®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer and W3C®,
style sheet alternatives, and
bug and clash icons with details online.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Current State of Web Design: Trends 2010

Web design is a fickle industry. Just like every other form of artistic expression, Web design has undergone a continuous and surprisingly fast evolution. Once a playground for enthusiasts, it has now become a mature rich medium with strong aesthetic and functional appeal. In fact, we are experiencing what could be the golden era of Web design — or at least the best period thus far. We have powerful new tools at our disposal (CSS3, HTML5, font-embedding, etc.), a plethora of freely available resources, a strong design community and also (if you needed any more!) reliable support of Web standards in the major browsers.

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We’re seeing better interaction design and more aesthetically pleasing designs. And we’re seeing more personal, engaging and memorable sites, too. But what exactly is making the difference? What new directions is Web design heading in today? What new techniques, concepts and ideas are becoming important? In this article, we present some observations on the current state of Web design. We describe existing and upcoming trends and explain how Web design might evolve in the coming months and years. We’ll also touch on what we as Web designers should be ready for to keep abreast of new challenges and opportunities.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rounded Corners with CSS without using images


No need to spend much time on designing and conversion of html. It is possible to create rounded corners with CSS without using the images. No need to spend much time to design curved boxes. I have tried my self. It reduced my work..

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Search Engine Optimization – How to Get the Best Rankings

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Effective search engine optimization is absolutely crucial for any website proprietor that likes to boost their traffic. No issue how many promotion you location on other websites and in the press the best way to get a bigger number of exclusive tourists is through search engine rankings and online directories.The idea behind seo edinburgh is to make your world broad web falls as appealing as likely to the engine crawlers. You may have a attractively conceived website that comprises unbelievable images and a flawless layout for reading but this solely will not advance your search rankings, there are other components that are important.If you believe of the times when you use one of the foremost search engines you should inquire yourself how many distinct falls do you actually gaze through? It is rather uncommon for any individual to get to the fourth of fifth falls of the results. For creative search engine optimisation edinburgh your location desires to be on the very first page.There are some methods that can help you to accomplish this -1. Always hold in brain that every lone sheet of your website can get noted separately. So the tenets of SEO need to be administered to each sheet and not just your dwelling page.2. Decide upon the most apt sayings and keywords for every page. These need to be applicable to the data comprised in that exact sheet as well as a phrase or saying that a famous person is expected to kind into a Google. There are devices accessible that you can use to find out how many individuals have actually drafted that exact saying into a search engine. This can help you perfect your concepts to get the greatest results. Remember that sayings do not inevitably make grammatical sense.3. Every sheet that you conceive desires to have a name that comprises the most important keyword or phrase. Many individuals do not do this and easily use the identical generic saying in each page’s name, and this is generally the enterprise name.4. Use Meta Tags correctly. These reside for the cause of search engines and correct indexing. There desires to be the Meta name, Meta keywords, and Meta description. The explain is the part that will appear below the sheet name in a search engine so you need to make it concise but furthermore catchy.5. Whatever you accept as factual to be the most important keywords should be recurring often in the body and content of the world broad web page. But do not advance over the peak as else the sheet may be rejected. Understand the correct density. Do You Want To Know How You Can Increase Your Search Engine Ranking?Visit my website on and I will display you a completely automated connection building service that builds high administration incoming connections to advance your Google grading, two times your Google traffic, and spectacularly boost your sales by 100% without you even lifting your fingers.Click Here To Unlock The Secret Resource ==> Getting organic search traffic has not ever been this easy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Make a Website Interactive

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Technology has made businesses to run more conveniently. Now it is possible to get the response from the customers about a particular product or service at a greater speed. The reason is simple- A Faster Interaction.

The customers and prospects want to speak what they like and what they expect from a particular brand. They have become more knowledgeable. They are not satisfied just by availing services given by the service provider. In turn they are looking for more. They want to be a part of your community and want to connect. They want to tell what they are feeling about a particular product or service.

By making your website interactive you can help your customers and prospects to connect. You can boost interactivity in your website by using technology effectively. Let us see how:

Ask people to comment on your blogs. This increases interactivity in your website. People would not take pain to comment on your blog unless they find something valuable, something interesting or something controversial. You can also ask a question in your blog to inspire the conversation. Offer regularly a content which people like to read so that they comment on it willingly.

Let people judge your offerings. You can use star rankings or numerical value system in your website by which visitors can rate you.

People are very fond of playing contests and winning something. Winning an item through sweepstakes in which good drawing is required or through contests where skills are required is enjoyable as well as a great way to make people hooked towards your website.

People love to share their views, opinions, interests and challenges. You can get them involved by asking them to take part in surveys or polls.

Website's interactivity can also be increased by asking for feedbacks from your prospects. It is a great way to research your target audience.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

VirtueMart Joomla Shopping Cart

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VirtueMart is a full featured eCommerce engine VirtueMart offered by Joomla. The VirtueMart templates are a good option for online business owners who want to create an Internet shop with enhanced security, performance and usability. It is a great option for professional software without the high cost. The software has had well over 2.5 million downloads since its initial release. Users can experience the software for free with modification options. This software can also be used with the Content Management System, Joomla.

VirtueMart templates are written in PHP and can be used in regular MySQL/PHP environments. The software is capable of using Secure Sockets Layers with an encryption (128-bit). Flexible tax models were included such as ship-to-address and tax calculation. Users can perform shipping address management. They are also able to view customer accounts, order history, confirmation emails and change currencies and languages if desired.

The product catalog features include a powerful web-administration interface which is powered by using Javascript. The feature also allows users to upload an unlimited number of products and categories. Users can classify their products by putting them in certain lists or categories. A free marketing tool is included in the VirtueMart template such as the 'Shopper Groups'. With this group option, the user can allow different payment options and price levels. Shop statistics allow the user to monitor products and categories that are doing better than others for marketing purposes. Another similar feature is the 'shop statistics' tab which is a control panel with a summary of orders and customers. Website owners can build a marketing list to sell future products and services. Currencies from different countries and states can be easily managed without having to seek outside sources. For those who have a huge inventory list, the number of products can easily be viewed.

Payment modules are important for making the most sales. In order to increase sales, it is a good idea to include credit card processing. This can easily be done as a variety of payment modules are included; Paypal, EWay, Worldpay, 2Checkout, NoChex and Paymate. There is also an option for shipping modules where customers can pick different shipping carriers with rate configuration. Some of the modules include UPS, FedEx, InterShipper and Canada Post. The Shiping Module API allows users to exend their shop with multiple shopping modules at the same time.

VirtueMart templates also come with extensions to improve the user's experience. Some of these extra extensions include import/export tools, VM themes, payment extensions, language packs and shipping extensions. One of the most advanced extensions are the ones created directly from Joomla such as the 'product slideshow' feature which is great for attracting customers to buy more products and/or services. The VirtueMart Administrator ACL is another popular plugin.

VirtueMart templates offers a variety of options for those looking to create a professional and neat looking e-commerce website. With the ability to attract customers with products and organized categories, the user can only increase their profit and overall sales.

Stan Lem is not a beginner in writing for the web - he started about 5 years ago and took special involvement in the niche of website design and web development - more specifically VirtueMart themes and VirtueMart templates.

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The Importance of Using a Good Web Design

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If you're wondering why your online business or company website is not generating the results you expect, then there may be something wrong with the current web design you're using. What most people don't realize is that their choice of web layout greatly affects the performance of the business itself. This means if you have a bad design, you're actually repelling potential customers away and losing profits. So it doesn't really matter how amazing your products and services are; if the users are not impressed by your website's appearance, they will find it hard to believe that you offer quality products and services.

But when you do have a good web design, it's quite easy for prospective clients to trust your company. If they're able to see a professional-looking website with informative content, they're more likely to check out what you have to offer. Thus, you'll be significantly increasing your online traffic because all the users that are interested in the kind of products you sell will now visit your site often due to its high-quality design. If you're able to create a truly amazing layout, people may even prefer your website than that of your competitors-which means you'll be getting more sales and promotion opportunities for your company.

Having a proper layout isn't only for you own good though because your visitors can also gain a lot from it. Here are some of the many benefits that your users can enjoy from your web design:

• Easy navigation. They will find it much simpler to browse the entire website because it's now easier to navigate. This also means that you will no longer have to deal with complaints from your prospective customers.

• Quick information. They can quickly locate the specific information they need since the articles and posts are well-organized. They'll also be interested in reading your contents and learning more about your products and services especially when it's always available to them.

• Complete user experience. You'll be giving your users a satisfying browsing experience that will make them want to visit your site more often.

So if you want to keep your users interested in your website, you should definitely start working on your website's appearance and presentation right away. Remember that the web design you choose is a direct reflection on your business, that's why it's very important that you select an impressive and professional layout so you won't have any trouble catching your target audience's attention.

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