Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Make a Website Interactive

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Technology has made businesses to run more conveniently. Now it is possible to get the response from the customers about a particular product or service at a greater speed. The reason is simple- A Faster Interaction.

The customers and prospects want to speak what they like and what they expect from a particular brand. They have become more knowledgeable. They are not satisfied just by availing services given by the service provider. In turn they are looking for more. They want to be a part of your community and want to connect. They want to tell what they are feeling about a particular product or service.

By making your website interactive you can help your customers and prospects to connect. You can boost interactivity in your website by using technology effectively. Let us see how:

Ask people to comment on your blogs. This increases interactivity in your website. People would not take pain to comment on your blog unless they find something valuable, something interesting or something controversial. You can also ask a question in your blog to inspire the conversation. Offer regularly a content which people like to read so that they comment on it willingly.

Let people judge your offerings. You can use star rankings or numerical value system in your website by which visitors can rate you.

People are very fond of playing contests and winning something. Winning an item through sweepstakes in which good drawing is required or through contests where skills are required is enjoyable as well as a great way to make people hooked towards your website.

People love to share their views, opinions, interests and challenges. You can get them involved by asking them to take part in surveys or polls.

Website's interactivity can also be increased by asking for feedbacks from your prospects. It is a great way to research your target audience.

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