Thursday, July 15, 2010

HTML 5 Tag Reference

<article> Specifies an article
<aside> Specifies content aside from the page content
<audio> Specifies sound content
<bb> Specifies a user agent command
<canvas> Define graphics
<command> Specifies a command
<datagrid> Specifies data in a tree-list
<datalist> Specifies an "autocomplete" dropdown list
<details> Specifies details of an element
<dialog> Specifies a dialog (conversation)
<embed> Specifies external application or interactive content
<eventsource> Specifies a target for events sent by a server
<figure> Specifies a group of media content, and their caption
<footer> Specifies a footer for a section or page
<header> Specifies a header for a section or page
<mark> Specifies marked text
<meter> Specifies measurement within a predefined range
<nav> Specifies navigation links
<output> Specifies some types of output
<progress> Specifies progress of a task of any kind
<ruby> Specifies a ruby annotation (used in East Asian typography)
<rp> Used for the benefit of browsers that don't support ruby annotations NEW
<rt> Specifies the ruby text component of a ruby annotation.
<section> Specifies a section
<source> Specifies media resources
<time> Specifies a date/time
<video> Specifies a video

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