Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tips on How to Make Your Website User Friendly

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Usability is the key concept that will make your website an instant success with your customers - the theory is to attract and retain. Here, an effortless experience is the desired outcome that you want each customer to experience time and time again on your site.

Below are some core usability tips that have been put together with the help of Surrey web design:
1. Simple Navigation:
There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at a website that has no easy navigation, particularly when you are in a rush to find what you are looking for. Users are very impatient and if they cannot find what they are looking for they will leave your site. The simple solution to this is to have an accessible menu bar with appropriate tab headings e.g. Home, About Us, Products and Contact, that is consistent across each page. Keep these tab headings short and specific as this is all you need from your primary navigation. Note, if a user can not find what they want in 3 clicks they'll leave your site.

2. Homepage Link:
It is imperative to continually have a consistent link to your home page at the top of your site so that users can be directed back to the homepage at all times. Remember your homepage is like a hub of information - users will use this page the most as it shows a summary of everything on the site and how to get to it. Tip: remove the homepage link on the actual homepage so not to confuse users if they are actually on the home page.

3. Help Users Out
Offer your users helpful tabs such as 'FAQ' and 'Contact Us' so that they can get their queries answered efficiently. Also including a search tool within your site will benefit lazy or inexperienced users who will not click through to your secondary navigation. Here users can type in a search phrase such as 'website designer surrey' and after hitting enter they will be shown all pages within your site that relate to this.

4. Use Breadcrumb Trails
Breadcrumb trails or cookie crumbs enable users to visibly see what page or section they are on within your site. This helps them see how they got there and shows all the primary and secondary navigation to display how each section has related to one another.

E.g: Home > Our Services > Web design surrey

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