Sunday, June 20, 2010

Common Web Design Hick-Ups

One misconception is how strenuous and complicating designing and launching a website can be. This task can be daunting if certain steps are not taken and sometimes it may not turn out the way you had intended. The design may translate poorly and the content uncoordinated and confusing if it is not something that you can do yourself or if the right tools were not used.

Persons tend to overwork and crowd their web page with either content or graphics. Most web pages don't need much work to be appealing, however, this does not mean that drab, boring and uninformative is essential. When designing a web page for any purpose, be sure to have the design match its purpose, which is the representation of your product and/or service. When your web page is visited by a potential or regular customer they should be able to ascertain the business's purpose.

Regardless of the quantity of information you have, the navigation and user interface on the main pages of your web page should be simple and easy to use. Most users will not spend too long trying to locate information or navigate through the pages of a confusing website. Your competitors may capitalize on this problem and offer a web design that is clean, informational and simple to use.

Certain types of information should be very easy to locate such as the actual products or services you offer, your faq page and contact information. The products should be further separated into categories and include a brief description and prices if any. If your product can be shipped whether nationally or internationally, you will need a separate page to outline shipping policies and surplus costs and another for any policies your business may have. This information should be put in a very simple font, nothing too stylish or hard to read.

Designing a web page can be a very rewarding task. If you are attempting one you can be assured that there are many web tutorials or software available to help you along. Two very popular web design applications include WordPress and Joomla. The latter uses templates that are customizable and all you need to do is to choose one closest to the look and feel that you need. There are thousands on the web that are downloadable and fully customizable. WordPress is similar, wherein it uses themes which are often used for blogs and if you know a little programming language, you can also get the themes to conform to your needs.

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