Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to Ensure That Your Low Cost Website Design Meets Business Objects

In a prior issue we touched on the subject of avoiding deliverability of your website as regards functionality issues.

We mentioned that you should visit other websites in your niche market or even websites in general to get a grasp of various sites and how they attempt to fulfill the owners objectives. Look at the website theme and ask yourself a simple question... ' Did I understand and grasp the websites communication objective.

These are important considerations when you plan to own your own website, and it does not matter whether you are a small business, big business, work at home mom or internet marketer, the principles are still the same.

First and foremost is obviously the issue of defining your target or niche market that you plan to serve or where you hope to make your money. This has a huge impact on sustained website success, and is the most important website planning aspect. In future issues we will deal with this subject in more detail as it is defined as the "golden egg" of website design, keywords and how they are used in script, images, video and off- page website design.

You need to sit down, put your thoughts and ideas on paper and attempt to create a page by page textual content of your website. This is a process you will in all likelihood have to repeat many times over until you have distilled your ideas into a workable content that is worth putting on a web page. At this stage you do not need to concern yourself to much about images although using any word editing program can even cater for the insertion of images and even video material. The better you are able to crystallize you ideas and objective, the greater the chances are of future website success, and the easier it is for your website designer to marry conflicting approaches.

Leaving a website design totally in the hands of a web designer may in fact compromise your objectives. Many designers will attempt to impress with visual displays, flipping images and the like. This is not bad in any way, but it has a place and function to fulfill that should only aim to enhance the deliverability of a website, not slow it down.

Elaborate is thus not always better when planning a website. Gone are the days where simple website designs where sneered upon. You see, it was a real sign of talent to be able to design a complex website that worked. The shape and function of websites has changed dramatically in the last few years..

Today a good designer will rather opt for simple, elegant clean website design as it is the end all and be all among most web professionals. People are less impressed by excessively and elaborate website designs that are difficult to navigate. Don't get me wrong - these websites have their place. However among business in general, simple, elegant, and to the point website is viewed as the best choice.

In conclusion, you need to keep your primary website design objectives in mind every step of the way. The better you are able to define your objective, develop your own, on page content, the easier it is to keep your website development budget in check and the you may just find out that low cost website design is not about being cheap. No advertising company can make up for poor quality inside the wrapper. Your website designer should end up designing your wrapper, not the content.

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