Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Website Logos

Are you looking for logo designers who will design logos for your business or website? People do a lot of logo design jobs as freelancers. There are many websites offering opportunities for people to work online. If you visit a company website, what will you look at first, or what comes in your sight? When I visit some site, I sure will see the top header, the design and the layout of the website and where is the company logo? Many people look for ease of use, many look for the design, many people look for the functionality of the website and many people almost all of them do get their eyes on the company's logo on the website. It will help the visitors remember your website. So it is important to develop and design some of the most stunning logos for your website, for that you might need some tips, I hope these are helpful.

Well some people think that logo design is just an art work, well they need to correct their views about logo design. It is not just a design; it is the representation of the company. It has to be perfect, if it were some just simple art work its importance would have been "zero". You need to make your logo perfect, which will help identify your company. Use the following tips, these tips are also followed by the experts who do logo design jobs as freelancers:

1. Use of vectors
Well, do not just create jpeg logos; it might not be helpful in the future when you will be changing your logo. Vector designs make the logos variant.

2. Avoid using more than 2 or 3 fonts
In the logo do not use three or four types of font styles. There are thousands fonts available, but you need to select the one that is according to your business. you can create a two font logo, that will be catchy due to its eye-catching contrast.

3. Make it easily readable
Make sure your logo is "readable". By readable I mean that the audience should get the message and remember you. If you use a lot of fonts and styles the visitors will not even bother reading it.

4. Avoid adding photos
In logos there is no place for pictures, it is not the header of your website, it is just a company logo. So avoid the use of pictures.

5. Upside-down
Well it might not appeal to you but, try creating a logo that is just good even if turned upside down.

6. Avoid using and following current trends
Trends are not there for always, your website is! So do not follow the current trends. The design must be perfect that can stay even when the new trends come.
Professionals who do logo design jobs even as freelancers take care of all the above factors.

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